Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paul is back to Ipuenktchen and went to a traditional restaurant

today, 11th day of the new year it was great to hear
we would go out in the eve for a traditional restaurant
in an ancient public bath. it belongs to the cultural
heritage organization, which were busy to restore it
since six years ago and finished last year!!!!!!!!!

I understood it should be a surprise for ipue's son2
(= yashila_81) and her husband!! her husband noticed
very soon that he had been in this public bath together
with his father when he was a boy..!!!!!

as it is still new year holidays they had a large
*haftsin*, too.
the food was excellent and everybody agreed.
yummyyyyyyyy - me too!!!! this is a so called
*koefte tabrizi*!!! pls look here:

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