Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paul is back to Ipuenktchen and went to a traditional restaurant

today, 11th day of the new year it was great to hear
we would go out in the eve for a traditional restaurant
in an ancient public bath. it belongs to the cultural
heritage organization, which were busy to restore it
since six years ago and finished last year!!!!!!!!!

I understood it should be a surprise for ipue's son2
(= yashila_81) and her husband!! her husband noticed
very soon that he had been in this public bath together
with his father when he was a boy..!!!!!

as it is still new year holidays they had a large
*haftsin*, too.
the food was excellent and everybody agreed.
yummyyyyyyyy - me too!!!! this is a so called
*koefte tabrizi*!!! pls look here:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Kashan

Hi again! Yesterday i arrived in Tabriz from my 8 day journey...I am so happy that my friend,Hans has returned. I had a great time in Kashan,Kerman and Yazd with MissLondon. On 19th of March we started our voyage.we came out of Asseman at 8 a.m and Tabriz was very snowy!at 8 p.m we arrived in Kashan. The day after at 8 i was the first person who entered The Fin Garden!
The garden covers 2.3 hectars with a main yard surrounded by ramparts with four circular towers. In keeping with many of the Persian gardens of this era, the Fin Garden employs a great many water features. We went to Kashan's old alley's where most of historical houses were located.On the way we saw a vintage knitting factory under the ground.
Then we went to the famous historic Borujerdis House.It consists of a rectangular beautiful courtyard, delightful wall paintings by the royal painter Kamal-ol-molk,
After a 10 min walk we got to The Tabatabaeis' House.The house was built in the 1840s for the affluent Tabatabaei family.There was as splendid as other historical houses in Iran. It was designed by Ustad Ali Maryam. He is the same person who later on built the Boroujerdi-ha House for the Tabatabaei's newly married daughter.
I had a stroll in Kashan's Bazaar too
A famous historical mosque in Kashan is Agha Bozorg Mosque, considered as one of the most beautiful Islamic monuments of Iran, was constructed for prayers, preaching and teaching sessions and is the only mosque in the world which is in the 2nd floor.
It was sunset in Kashan that we went to see Tappeh Sialk.Sialk is a large ancient archeological site near Kashan,with occupations dated to as early as 6000 BC.
The next morning we went to KERMAN.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The return of Hans

This is the incredible story about Hans and his survival afte months of being lost!
Escaping from my dark prison...
I made this hole in the wall just with a spoon and a fork from my backpack!
I had to jump off the high wall, but thank goodness there was some snow and so I did not break my neck.
Running away from where I heve been held captive. Look at this dangerous sign!
In the Alps.
Passing a frozen lake, the Erlaufsee.
Warming in a restaurant, trying to tame some wild horses to bring me back. It did not work.
But I will survive!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back in Asseman

Today i arrived in Asseman for second time!As Spring is coming step by step ,today is a rainy day in Tabriz., and every one in Iran is getting ready for Nowruz!
I had Abgoosht ( ) at Yasi's Grandma's house for lunch! As every house has HaftSin these days here's me in Grandma's Haftsin
...and here's Yasi's HaftSin,the coloured eggs were painted by Yasi & me!

Tomorrow i'll go on an journey with Yasi to Kashan,Kerman,Yazd and Tehran.We'll go via Yasi's family's car,a black Citroën Xantia.I'm so excited! I'll write from voyage soon! Now!getting ready to go!