Thursday, June 11, 2009

My first Adventure in the USA

My trip to the Houston Garden Center! (It is known to have many varieties of roses. It is very beautiful when they are all in bloom!)

Oh my! It is an Ingrid Bergman Hybrid Tea!!! (rose)

This is the Ingrid Bergman Hybrid Tea Rose.

The Daydream Rose!

Daydream Rose

The pagoda in the Garden Center

I am taking a break from the Houston heat! The pagoda is a nice place to rest.

I have found a beautiful lady in the garden!

She seems to like me as well! :)

A blooming shrub in the herb garden!

The Rosemary Garden!

I am playing in the Rosemary Garden.

The Mint Garden is next.

I am enjoying the refreshing smell of mint on a hot Houston day!