Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hans and Paul visit the Hanseatic City of Lübeck

The famous city Gate "Holstentor", of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck!
The central marketplace. Every day is market day. With booths with fruit, cheese, leatherware, baked goods, and so on...
This is the well-known firm Niederegger. Niederegger produced the best marzipan in the world! It is known as Lübecker Marzipan.
In the Niederegger shopwindow you could look at Lübeck made of marzipan.
In the Niederegger shop is a smal exhibition about marzipan. Here you look at the process of making marzipan.
This are historical figures who lived in Lübeck made of marzipan.
This is a slipping angel made of Marzipan, designe by Wolfgang Joop.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arrival again in Stendal

The smal parcel arrived in Stendal. Juhu!
And in the parcel the traveling box appears...
So nice things we brought with us...
Look a wonderfull bookmark.
And taiwanese wonderfull natural stamps... Thanks Angel!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going back to Germany

With some stamps, postcards, and a bookmark, we are now going back to Johannes! Goodbye Angel! It was so nice to meet you! Thak you for to be our host!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From Vienna back to Taiwan. It was a nice Trip!

We are fairly satisfied, on the other hand, somehow disappointed because we are leaving Austria! The airport is really big, no wonder Vienna is regarded as one of the most important cities in the world!
Getting ready to take off!
After a 13-hour flight, we are finally in Taoyuan, where we transferred when we flew to Vienna. And now, we have to move, and go to the second terminal, being fully prepared to reach Kaohsiung! Angel slept too much - 8 hours, and now, she is pretty energetic.
At Siaogang International Airport in Kaohsiung City
To reach Angel's house, we have to take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation), which is just the same as the U-Bahn in Vienna. This one is at Siaogang Station.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And another day in Austria, Day 11!

We are back at the Main Station Graz again! But this time, we are going to Vienna!

The hostel we are about to stay in tonight. This one should be really special. The founder said he wanted to start his own hostel in Vienna, and this room is actually the only room he has. It is quite new, we think.
Spittelau! The place in which garbage is burnt.
Stock-im-Eisen Platz, which is on the corner of Graben. There is full of foreign visitors, and the locals, and cafes etc.If you ever wish to perchase boutique, it should be very ideal for you!
So, after the check-in at the hostel, we took the U-Bahn (metro) Line 3 to the last station, Simmering, then transferred at Tram 71, to Zentralfriedhof Wien.
Tor 2 (Gate 2)
Tor 1 (Gate 1)
The church in Zentralfriedhof.
This is really a fine dish - Called "Karl Valentin". The fried meat also includes melting cheese and a piece of ham.
Back at the Staatsoper. Staatoper bei Nacht!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day ten! We love to visit Austria with Angel sus

We are thinking to go to the Mur Island. This floating island on River Mur was designed by an American artist named Vito Acconi. It was made to let Graz be a a part of European culture.
The Museum Graz. Actually, we are kind of too early - There should be a lot of people sitting outside, or walking nearby, but we can only see a few at the moment. The museum seems to be interesting, however, Angel would prefer the Mur Island this time.
Oh! We are going inside of the Mur Island!
The Museum Graz is right across the Island. If you walk through, yes, you will surely see it.
Random ice cream eaten by us - Berry-flavored, with cream and yoghurt.
The Dom, which is next to Mausoleum.
Today, perhaps it is not on weekend, there are not many people inside of the Dom now. But we find it very interesting to see, and to discover, plus we feel that it is quite cool inside. Don't know why!
In Europe, churches and cathdrals ring bells every 15 minutes. And this is where they do this - They do it at the top of the building.
Outside of Mausoleum. In 1614 Ferdinand commissioned his Italian court painter and architect to erect a mausoleum and an adjacent St. Catherine's Church next to today's Dom. It became one of the most important buildings in the early 17th century.
The Dom, next to Mausoleum.
Well, we just arrived at the Schlossbergbahn, by the gondola.
This is the the Bergbahn!
And there is actually a small museum. In this pic, it shows you the Cannon Hut. There is a brief introduction written on the sign nearby: Up until 1787, four alarm cannons, the so-called "Four-Evengelists", warned the populace of the approaching enemies and fires. In 1809, the cannons fell into the hands of the French. Today the Cannon Hut houses, two smaller Austrian and two larger cannons, cast in Paris, instead of the original ones. In the belfry of the cannon hut there is also an alarm bell. The only preserved watch tower of the fortification can be seen in the east corner of the bastion.