Monday, October 29, 2012

Today we visited Toompark in Tallinn

Today we visited Toompark. It's the park just next to Old Town and Toompea castle (there is Estonian covernment). As you can see there is pond on the map - Shnelli pond, it use to be moat (a very long time ago), but were made to pond in 19th century. On the bottom you see grey tower - that's Pika Hermanni torn - Long Hermans Tower. That's the place where Estonian flag rises every morning.

So there's the Long Hermann Tower. Pretty big, and the walls seem to be still quit strong. The first part of that tower was built in 1360-1370. It was finished as it finally is on 16th century. The tower is 45m high. EStonian flag (blue-black-white), was pulled up there first time on 12th nov 1918. After that these was other flag for a long time but now it's wright flag again.
Seems that autumn didn't have enough od time to leave before the snow arrived. So we are enjoying 2 in 1.
So this is a Shnelli pond. Up there is citadel and the Long Hermann tower. Between pond and citadel is a stadium.

Look what we found! It's lumimari/snowberry (translated from word to word). It's nice bush with white berries. But don't eat them! They are poisonous.
In the park is one statue - Vacationer. It's intresting since it's not whole stattue - it's combined with the land.
And that's the other end of the pond. There's a lot of ducks on that pond too. Since they have got use to been feeded, they are nor affaid of the people. So this was the other side of the Old Town. We go and check out more soon.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The first snow!

Can you belive it? You saw the pictures taken yesterday, today - there is 5 cm snow! This year's first snow! Yey can't get enough, we keep playing in it. Probably need hot tea later. Soon we go and see more about Old Town.

Friday, October 26, 2012

We visit the oldtown of Tallinn

Yesterday we visited the seaside on Tallinn. We climbed to the top of the Linnahall (big hall tha was used for concerts and other big events before they built Saku Suurhall). Since it was very cloudy, we didn't get good pic of the sea this time. Did you know that EStonia is surrounded with sea from 2 sides? As small country than it is - they do have a lot of water. Estonia locates the side of Baltic sea. The water in that sea isn't actually very salty - less than should be to be usual sea. So here we are, looking at the sea.
 Behind us is Old Town. The treasure of Estonia. They have tryed to keep it as it was (but it's still changed much during the time). The city was surrounded with big stone wall that is pretty good stayed there (party ruined during the wars). The big tower behind ud use to be a cannon tower. It's the closest one to the sea, so when there was a threat - that's where they fired. Now it is a Marine Museum and has a name Paks Marhareeta (Fat Margareeta). There are some memorial tablets for the soldiers that hafe fight with estonians in the war.
That's the road that brings us to Old Town, to Seaside Gate. Like we sayd before - there's a lot of forrest in Estonia - even in town.
Almost in Old Town, the signs help us to orientate.
 Seaside gate to the Old Town. Beautyfuk isn't it? Left side is Paks Margareeta. As you can see the road are made of stones, not from asphalt. The Paks Margareta was built in 1518-1529. It got it's name in 1842, before that it was called Rosencrantz. That ended ended the city wall buikdings.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toay we had traditional soup for dinner!

Toay we had traditional soup for dinner - peasoup. Little strange for us but intresting. Other traditional soup is cabbagesoup. They both have meat in them so men like us were full after eating. Afcourse they do many others too. When it's christmas time - they eat potatos, meat and bloodysausage. What's that you ask? For that you need to visit Estonia in December, they kindly offer that to you. And it tast much better than it sounds.
The other night we were driving in Lasnamäe kanal. This is long street in Tallinn that is long and you can drive faster there 'cause its' really big. It is made into the stone. As you can see our rightside - there it is! All natural stone. Sorry for the foggy picture, we were driving at the time, you part there only if you just had an accident - no room to do it otherwise.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today was our day!

Our story was told on MRD Jump, a German radio station. If you want them to listen, follow the link!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today we visited the Duckpond park

Today we visited the Duckpond park. The name says everything. There is a pig pond and lot's of ducks
 An just in case - we kept the distance - little ones as we are. There is also a nice statue in pond, a women. And back there is coppice where the ducks are if they are not in water.

Monday, October 15, 2012

On the way to Estonia's biggest hall

 Did you know that in Estonia lives only 1,3 mil people? And they still have traffic jams! We were in one of them when moving from Tallinn's one part to another.
That bridge that is behind of us is Tallinn's biggest (and probably Eestonian) biggest traffic cross. That's the place that has the biggest traffic jams. Hope it will be better after it's finished.
 This is Estonia's biggest hall. Sportgames and concerts are held here. Even the Eurovision was here. And we were honoured to go there.

Friday, October 12, 2012

We arrived in Tallinn the capital of Estonia

Hey there we just arrived to Estonia, it's autumn here. So leaves are everywhere but the grass is still green. It was pretty warm day for autumn when we arrived, strange but it was only 8°C. Strange!smile
And now we are enjoying the leaves! Yey!
 These are views from out host home. She lives in Tallinn - capital of Estonia. That part of town is called Mustamäe (to translate directly it would be something like blackhill). As you see there are lot of trees, it afcourse depends on the place but there are still lot of woods in Estonia. And they are very proud of it. Thanks to that they have enough of bears, wolves, foxes and other animals who needs forrest to live in. But still they can't take town too many trees - it will ruin the habitat.
 Our welcoming was very warm as you can see :-) Our host has a cat an so do many other people. About half the people our host knows (and maybe even more) have pets.
 Now we are on a balcony - behind us is Männipark (Pinepark). There atr many playgrounds for kids. Every playground is for different ages. It is pretty popluar park - people are coming here with cars and busses. Our host just needs to go across the street. This park is mainly for kids. There are lots of different parks in Estonia, hope we'll see some more.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

News News News! We have been in finish newspaper!

 Thanks to Ekki and Nora for the wonderful article!
And thank you Susanna for the translation!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now we leave Stendal again...

Now we are leaving Stendal again. We start our nex adventure from "Heidis Laden" our favored postoffice in Stendal! Our next trip will go to Estonia! We are excited and happy to visit our nex host in Tallinn the capital of Estonia.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We present our travelingproject on a culturalevent in Stendal

This is our exhibition stand.
With the self made collagen from perschool in Säkylä.
We stick for every journey one photo on the collagen.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back home for a short time...

Today we came back home from our second finish journey in a big parcel!
We brought a lot of sweets and gifts with us...
In the perschool we got a lot of creativ gifts!

Wow! Grate! Kids, you made us happy!
This is a book of Säkylä
This are some Postcards.
Some tipical candies and...
some typical Finish souvenirs
and that are we made of paper.