Friday, March 5, 2010

Travel arrangements

Jippieeeh - my host told me to go to bed
very early, because we have to get up tomorrow
morning in time! There will be some guests from
Tehran, visiting *our* province here...

ipuenktchen is living in the province East-Azerbaijan, and
there is also West-Azerbaijan and on the other
side of the border the Republic Azerbaijan is situated,
which belonged in the golden times, about 25o years ago,
also to Persia. One of the ancient shahs lost it...

They all have the same culture, language *azeri* and traditional
music! People here are very proud of it, and for instance
they insist to speak their own language instead of *farsi*,
the official language allover Iran, although the kids up
from elementary school had to learn only farsi!!!

ipuenktchen told me so interesting names and showed me some postcards
of the sites we will go to explore, that I'm really thrilled
and can not wait anymore........ it's better to go to sleep -

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