Sunday, February 28, 2010

A wedding in Iran

My host today was invited for a wedding party! I was so excited, she took me with her, but she told me up from the beginning to stay in her bag and only have a look from time to time, because men aren't allowed there! I accepted... :-(

Can you believe it, there is no difference if a daughter of a groceries shop get married or the
daughter of a factory owner for instance. Poor parents, poor husbands... They are spending
millions and millions.

This wedding party was for a daughter of one of the former collegues of my host, and not a very very large one. I think, there had been about 2oo women. Very often this is twice! 3oo, 4oo... And imagine: in a 5-star-hotel!

A party up from 4 PM until 7 PM. ONLY WOMEN! We arrivd a bit late, together with the wedding couple, so ipuenktchen was able to take a pic of me and the wedding car! And when we came in, many of the women had met her scarf, because there was a man: the groom! The wedding couple made a tour to welcome their guests, 2 or 3 times dancing together and he had
to leave again to let all the ladies comfortable, and so they met their scarf again in their bags.

They were eating tons of cakes and fruits and nuts. Dancing really a lot as well as chatting together! At the end of the party the groom appeared again and it was the opportunity for people to congratulate them before leaving.

After leaving there the closer guests, near relatives, normally have diner in any restaurant, and after will have a private mixed wedding party at the home of the bride.

Friday, February 26, 2010

First day in Iran

Today when the sun was shining my host brought me out in the yard to see the rest of their snow. I couldn't believe it... Snow in Iran?!? But she told me, they are living here in northwest of the country on an altitude of about 1.5oo - m and normally they have strong winters with a lot of snow - but only this year it wasn't that much - it seems all the snow from here was falling in europe! And so since one month ago the first spring flowers were to find in the yard.

In the early eve my host was back home and made me very happy as she brought so great things for me... too much for my small stomach! What kind of ceremony had she been to?! I asked her and she told me, people are celebrating as a vow for their died beloved ones ceremonies like this, as there will be read a matching part of the holy qor'an for the died people. And as it is a vow everything that's served there you have to eat or to take with you!!! They even distribute tote bags!!! And when you say good-bye to the host, you have to say *ghabul boshe*, that means, hopefully god will accept this vow! By the way, there were invited *only* 5o persons... Very often there are much more than this! And by the way, the coca cola is very beloved here, and they call it *coca*!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arrived in Tabriz, Iran, in Ipuenktchen's home!

*Uaaahhh* - how long did I sleep? The postman - believe it! - came by a motorbike! Because my new host is living outside of the city center! And where am I? Ohhhhh - they are still speaking my mother tongue!? But something has changed...?! Because I heard different languages on my way to the next host!

I'm clever and looking at the addy of my *sleeping-box* :-0 I'm in IRAN!!! Unbelievable! How Hans would be so jealous, if he knew about?!

My host welcomed me very warm; she was waiting such a long time, as she told me... since june 2oo9 or something like that, when it happened that Hans disappeared... and she was very happy about my souvenirs I brought for her from the places I had been to before!

But... I'm a bit sad, and a very small tear comes in my eyes... because my host told me she had to go out, to a kind of mourning ceremony and there are only women allowed... hmmm... I noticed here is something different!

OK - I'm cool - decided to be relaxed! :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A journey into the unknown! Iran, I am coming

That's me!
That is my new travelingbox... I've got it in Krems.
Here is a lot of space inside for a playmoguy like me.
I have a small house made of a postcard here inside.
That is my closed travelingbox
And now off I go!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Short vacation at the baltic island Usedom

Before we leave Stendal I have to clean the car. Snow is everywere...
Now I have to program the sat nav.
Ready to leave Stendal.
It is freasing cold and I am on the pier in Zinnowitz a nice beach resort at the nice island Usedom.
Have a look at the ice floes at the beach.
Nice villas at the sea front in Zinnowitz.
A bench with a lot of snow...
This is a big xylophone. It is a kind of artprojekt at the sea front.
A sunny and cold afternoon at the Achterwasser.
The harbor of Zempin at the Achterwasser. It is a harbor for sailboats.
Some fishing nets.
The fishing boats are frozen in the dock.
The Achterwasser is an ice desert - far and wide only ice
The fisherhouses next to the Achterwasser. Today thay are used as vacation apartments.
Icicle at the edge of a thatched roof

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stendal is a winter wonderland

The dolphin is on the roof at the other side of the street.
A long icicle at the bus stop.

Some one leave one's marks in the ice...