Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our second day in Poland

Hello, we still are in Wrocław. 
 Yesterday we’ve spend all day in Branża Dziecięca. Especially Hans was excited, because he had an opportunity to see, what the editors of trade magazine do at work.
Later we had a chance to prove that we are brave little fellows. We went with our host to the dentist!!!
Karolina said that with us she wasn’t afraid at all.

After that was shopping time. We went to big shopping mall- Galeria Dominikańska. 
There was a lot of easter decorations. You can see it here.
Happy Easter to everyone!
Hans and Paul

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We arrived in Wrocław

Hi to everyone!

We have just came to Breslau (Wrocław). It's our first trip to Poland.

 We are going to stay here for longer and spend time with people from trade magazine called  
'Branża Dziecięca'.
We will write what is happening here soon. 
Best regards
Hans and Paul 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today we leave Germany again!

Now we leave Germany again. Our next journey goes to Poland!
Today our biggest fan in Germany brings us to the postoffice in Magdeburg!
Thanks Julia for taking care of us.

We hope to get fast to the nex adventure in Poland...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A day in an institution of further education

Hey to every one! Today we are in the "Europäische Bildungwerk - EBG" in englisch it is called European training institute in Magdeburg.
 Johannes learns in this institute the profession of a remedial teacher.
 Here we say "Hallo!" to Kathi classmate of Johannes.
She is so hardworking!

Friday, March 22, 2013

New facebook URL

We use for our facebook page now a short url

visit Hans and Paul on Facebook!

A day in the "Rundlings" museum in Lübeln

Today we visit the  "Rundlings" museum in Lübeln a smal village next to Lüchow in the nice Wendland.
The "Rundlings" museum is a smal outdoor museum.
The entrance is in this nice old farmhouse. 
 Hey guys, we are sitting on an old farmersbed and we are so tired.
 Here is an old hearth!
 Oh look such an old and nice loom!
 We are sitting on an old oil lamp nex to a child's bed.
 This wattle fence was made by wickerbrushwood.
 We made the last ride in the snow with this old sleigh.
 The whole village is built in a big circle. Have a look at the model wa are sitting on.
 In one of the old houses we found an old weddingdress.
 Paul takes care that no one come in to the toilette.
Now we are at the end of our walk! It was a great day! If you like visit the homepage

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back home again after the trip to Doveren

We are back home again in Stenda,l after a short trip to Doveren.
We brought some nice things with us.

Dear Melina thank you for the nice days with you.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our last day in Doveren

Our last day has begun and we are nearly fit again. We have a little “sight-seeing tour” through Doveren and the surrounding towns, where we buy some gifts for our family at home.
We were in Hückelhoven, which is known for its coal-mines. The mine “Sophia Jacoba” can be found here; it was the most modern mine in Europe from 1960 to 1997 and produced coal from 1914 till its closing in 1997.
From 1936 to 1972 a hill arose from the mining waste, next to the mine. This hill is called “Millicher Halde” and is about 70 meters high and planted with trees since 1970.
In 2008 the “Himmelsleiter” (Skyladder) was built on the hill. The “Himmelsleiter” are 400 stairs that lead from the bottom of the hill to an outlook at the top.

The sight from the outlook and from the stairs is worth the ascent
Since the area of the mine is not used anymore (except of a part that is used as a historical monument), new shops arose on the empty space over the last years.
After we have seen everything in Hückelhoven, we went back to Doveren.
Here we visited the church: St. Dionysius. The church was built in 1771, but was destroyed in the Second World War, so that it had to be restored in 1949.
We learned that Doveren has many houses, which were built before the war and were restored instead of teared down.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We did the harlem shake

Hi frinds we did the Harlem Shake... Watch the movie and share it... Thak You!

Friday, March 15, 2013

We played Handball!

 The next morning we’ve learned a new kind of sport: Handball!
Handball is a very fast, dangerous and especially hard sport. This type of sport is typical for this region wherefore we directly had the courage to try it but just as a goalkeeper because we weren’t yet familiar with the rules.
Then it got serious because a regular-season game took place but we preferred to just watch it. It was an exciting game whereby our host get injured seriously. The following days we had to care for her and unfortunately she was also caught by flu epidemic which we picked up, too. At that time all of us were lying in the bed and we had time to tell about our adventures which we had experienced till now.
The landscape on the way to the handball match.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A day at school and we did a lot of work for a fantastic YouTube Channel

Today we accompanied our host to school. She took us to her classes and explained us the educational system.
She is in her final year in school, year 13 and has to do the “Abitur”, the school leaving examination, soon.
Two years ago she had to choose two school subjects as advanced courses. These courses have more lessons per week, because you have to learn more than in normal courses.

Her biology course welcomed us warmly and even took a souvenir photo with us!

It’s only one month till the last exams, the stress increases and the pupils have to learn all day.

Paul helps with Math
Hans also learns diligently: German!
Even after an exhausting day at school there is no time for relaxing, because more work for Youtube has to be done.
 visit Melinas YouTub Channel
and her Facebook page
and get a fan of her work! ;-)
In the evening we went to the all you can eat restaurant "Grand Canyon" to relax from the stress of the day.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh damn! We mixed up the posts! Here is the post befor the last post ;)

Ok, the title explained this post...

Today we leave Stendal again. Every timewe leave Stendal we do this from the same post office. The owner become a good frind of us becaus we use the sevice of the post office sinc 2009.