Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We are for a short time in Stendal

We arrived in Stendal
We brought som orginal Dutch peppermints with us... Hmmm yummy!!
And we saw our new visiting cards! Awesome!!!
In Stendal the easter preparations just started...
But we will go on the next journey tomorrow... And will celebrate Easter in Finland.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the way home

To learn some knots is a usefull thing! At home they will ask, what we learned offshore…
And again we are the first in the gallay! And again we have to wait for the dinner because of being to early!
Dennis and Eugen, have a nice flight! And take care!
Hans, do you thing it is a good idea to travel in this pocket?
no, it isn´t Paul!
Paul, I looked out of the choppers window and all I have seen is water!
come on Hans! We checked out and we will go home! Just million kilometers to go with the car…
Hans, but there is not much traffic on the road! No we can lay down and hav e sleep for some kilometers….
OK Paul! I´m happy to get my new hat! I orderes it a cuple of days ago.
And now we are ready to move back home to Stendal! Just got the tickets! It was a very interessting jurney to the crazy people offshore on K15FA. Thanks a lot!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our last day on rig K15 FA 1

Hey Paul! The methanol pump failed and I fixed it!
The well keeps running Paul! Yesterday we made allmost one million m³
And on this work station we can make the software changes! Once this is done the pump will keep going on pumping methanol…
Look Paul, this is Dennis from Yokogawa! He agreed with our software changes!
OK Hans! Now let us have a walk arround and we have to look also for other men….
… like Ronald! He has to go into a confined space maybe filled with nasty wanky gas and so he has to use a mask with a filter!
Nice weather!!! Not windy, not cloudy,… just great!
Terry has a blue hard hat! We have to ask for a helmet in blue or maybe pink bevor we start the next trip like this.
awesome weather, isn´t it Paul?
Yes Hans it is!
But we have to give a hand to the workers here on the rig! Otherwise they will not invite us again Paul! Let us move this samples to the lab! BTW: Why they call it "monsters"?
Well Hans I don´t know and I don´t care! Let us enjoy the weather for this last hours on board! Tomorrow we will fly back to the beach if there is no fog!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The next day on the rig K15-FA-1

After a safety induction we desided to go outside and just familise with the location. And there was a supply boad next to the rig wich shipped cargo, food and other stuff.
They use a crane to lift containers "on main deck"
these rig parts are connected with a bridge.
Heavy doors to make cahmbers "gas proof". Imoprtant on a production platform for natural gas.
people sitting in front of the control panel and solving problems. We noticed that there is a new well to be started up and this is not allways so easy.
It is surely very interesting how to start up a gas plant
watching again the trends of production
and alarms, flowrates and all this stuff.
They told us, that this is a new part of this rig. It is called RAT. It stands for "riser access tower"
So we walked to the RAT and there is pretty much technics, hydraulics, pipes, pumps and calbles.
On the end there is a balkon and it is nice to see the waves…
Hey Paul, look back! There is the crane and the tower. What is the tower for?
Well Hans we ask for this later. Let us have a seat on the pipeline.
huge switches they have on here…. Haha
look Hans, screws in stainless steel!
And here we see one of the control systems.
Hey Paul, there is a seal!
Yeah Hans, I heard that here are many of them….. Nice!
another chopper is bringing some parts.
Yes Paul! And the wind from the helicopter has blown my hat away. Shit! Now he is swimming to england and I never will get him back….
Hey Paul, don´t pull the cable, becaus the guys need this havy tool!
OK Hans! In this case I will give Hein a hand and serv him some t-raps!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We arrived on the rig K15-FA-1 in the north sea

We arrived on the rig and found information on wich cabin to sleep ;)
so we walked trough the corridors to find our cabins
cabin found
Of course we wanted to have a look outside but bevor you start any task on a rig, you need to fill in several forms, like "permit to work", "task risc assistment" and a few more…
Walk arround inside accomodation, galley, TV-lounge…
Time to get some food.
And after the meal it is more imortant to get a coffee.