Sunday, March 14, 2010

In MissLondon's highschool

Today we got up at 6:30,I took a look at the street from Yasi's room window...a rainy day in Tabriz!Yasi was so happy because she adores rainy weather.
She dressed,then we had our breakfast,fried egg with orange juice and Kellogg's Corn flakes In 7:30 we jumped into her father's car,i was at her backpack.
We arrived Ferdows school.Yasi has been studying there since 4 years ago.She has gone to school two years earlier and she was junior to all her classmates!
First she put her bag at classroom and then we went to last floor to take a photo from school's yard
Here's me in class

After a feaw hours i jumped into MissL's pocket we went to 4th floor again,they had a Literature test.

I saw many paper recycling bins in school,i'm so happy that this much paper is being recycled by students in Iran.

After the test all went to class,except me

At 2:30 we came back home.Here's the tower where Yasi's home is.Asseman e Tabriz
means the sky of Tabriz in Persian.I think it's because these apartments are one of the first tallests in Tabriz.

I'm so hungry!Hmmm!!! Lunch is Pizza with beer!

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