Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A lot of horse dung

Today we helped Johannes to dig a lot of horse dung in to the ground.
This is the part of the garden where we want to work..
At the end of the day we saw a nice sunset .

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Breakfast high above the roofs of Stendal!

Today we were invited for breakfast. He lives in this old socialist functional building.

So let's go! We are so hungry!
We take the elevator to the top!

The view from the top floor is magnificent!
You could see the whole city of Stendal from here!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We have been in local newspaper Volksstimme in Stendal

This is the newspaper article from today! We talk about our time in Finland! Thank you Maria and Susanna for your help!

In the sauna country with ice igloo palaces

Two Playmobil males moving to the World / Today: How the Finns endured the winter
They do it five years already. Although the Playmobil guys
Hans and Paul live in Stendal, their Foster father John Kloss
sends them since 2009 continuously arround the World. In our series, "Two on a world trip" we show today: Winter in Finland.

By Sibylle Sperling
Stendal ● In an igloo, as in their last trip to Finland, the two backpackers have not been accommodate this time. Instead, they went into a small
town in southwestern Finland, to Salo.
Not even a snowflake had been at this time at Salo where it can be 20 degrees C below zero, writes the 21 year old host mom, Maria Klen. "It was boring." Downhill skiing, ice skating, sledding and cross-country skiing – the winter hobbies of Finns just need one condition: Snow. Maria, it is difficult to write, as the Finns spend their winter, but the typical activities are quickly identified: Stay in the summer house to enjoy a warm environment in the winter - in front of the fireplace or in the sauna. "Life here is simple and beautiful," writes Maria. In Christmas time they have been with their family in grandfathers summer house, reading books near the fireplace or baking cookies in the kitchen. "This has tradition on Hans and Paul trips," says Stendal John Kloss, foster father of the two Playmobil guys. "The host families cook or bake for her local food." Crepes in France - this time in Finland rolls, really tasty when Maria writes about winter treats in Salo. "We fill bread with cranberry jam, whipped cream and marzipan. Yum! "
Press conference with the Finnish journal “Menaiset”
But do not worry! Hans and Paul know the snow - even in Finland. When she had visited two years ago, Susanna Mattheiszen in Imatra, there was plenty of it! Just in April. Relaxing walks in nature over the big frozen lake Saimaa Suur or relaxing sauna evenings - the two Playmobil guys also have experience in exciting things. At a press conference with the women's magazine Menaiset, which is comparable to the number of copies with the German "Brigitte," her host mother Susanna was very busy. On the Internet, the 40 year old finn sells beautiful, handmade little things, designs and builds traditional doll houses with tiny wing chairs, buffets and antique stoves. A Doll's House, exactly the right location for Hans and Paul, who had not only there felt like home. "Of course Susanna built them also a traditional igloo, in which they have slept," says John Kloss. His backpackers have made winter holidays as many tourists Finland: they come to relax in ice igloos, enjoy their nights at 20 degrees below zero - wrapped in skins and sleeping bags.
John Kloss has come to know the Finnish artist on the Internet. "On one hand working platform. My wife gets there for their own work inspirations." Sometime Kloss has established there a Hans and Paul group. "Because I've found that women are the most reliable host for my mothers backpackers there." "Mousewifes" (mouse relative to the computer mouse) they would also called.
"Most are women with children who spend a lot of time on the Internet because their husbands are away on business." Soon Hans and Paul have an anniversary. Then they are five years on the road. Where in the world this will be celebrated, is not yet clear.

under the big photo:
Their long cold winter the finns not only stay in the sauna. They enjoy comfortable in the house by the fireplace. Otherwise, they spend their leisure in the snow - while skiing, tobogganing or ice skating. Photos: private

in the green box:
Holidays in the igloo snow palace
When the temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees, palaces arise from ice and snow worldwide. The Igloo artists are doing many things: Domes, pointed arches and towers that are up to 20 meters high.
Of course, Finland has the Igloo holiday. The Snow Castle of Kemi at the northern end of the Gulf of Bothnia was first built in 1996 and made it into the Guinness Book of Records.
Since then it is changed annually in style. In addition to 18 double rooms, restaurants and shops, there is also a chapel inside. You will sleep in sleeping bags at five degrees below zero environment.
The season 2014 is going on there from 26 January to 6 April. Overnight stay in a double room costs 125 Euros per person.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some needlework!

 Today Johannes started to knit the second legwarmer! Bob, Hans and Paul helped him.
 Bob liked the circles it reminded him at ai bubble in to the ocean

Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcom Bob!

This morning we write a message on a paper because we didn't want to wait anymore!
In the afternoon we went to the mailbox to look for the post.
"Jippy! We've got mail!"
 Paul wants to know more! "It is a letter from Norway!"
Together we looked in to the envelope. How beautiful the stamps in Norway are!
 Inside the envelope was our frind the purple hammerhead Bob and two postcards.
"Welcom Bob!" Together we hugged Bob!
Such beautiful postcards were in the envelope together with Bob.

 "Bob you are such a frindly and such fluffy hammerhead!"
Bob asked us if he could wear our hats.
For sure we allowed him this! 
Bob also wants to be a real backpacker. So he wear also our backpacks!

Nex days we will show you our lovely homtown!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

At the garden

Today was a sunny but windy day! Our frind the princess and her frind lord Rose invited us for a walk in to the garden.

Firs atraction was to go sliding. But the slide was so high. Than we had a lot of fun on the swing. Look this sweet little girl helps us. Also we fund the first early flowering plants... We realy love snowdrops and crocuses. Now we hope that your sunday is also sunny and nice. Best whishes Hans and Paul

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Visit at the Zoo

Today we made a day trip to the zoo in Magdeburg 60 km far away from our hometown Stendal!
This is the general map of the zoo...

 This mini tortoises are hatched in August 2013.
This is the elephant enclosure! On the enclosure living tow elephants from India.
 The whole elephant enclosure looks a bit shabby.
 But the elephants have a lot of space
 On the 12th of February 2014 a new giraffe calf was born. But this is not the calf. This is the proud father and the older giraffesister...
 The giraffe calf was shielded of all the curious visitors in a seperate compound.
 Here is the giraffe calf! He has no name at the moment...
 In an other compound we saw a big lion!
 Here is the lion mother...
 and the young lions cub! They are from last year.
 At the next vivarium we meet a lot of African penguins! We love how they walk.
 Paul decided to feel like a real penguin,
 Look that is an creativ african insect hotel.
 In the ape house we meet a realy old lady! She is 29 years old!

 And look how sweet this monkey was!

 Yummy salad for lunch!
 This animal looks a bit like a wolpertinger!
 We realy love this Anodorhynchus! There are such beautiful birds

 The three tapirs were so relaxed
 That we get holiday feelings!
 That is realy an ugly toad!
 We also found some more aras
 This dholes were so activ! They feel the coming spring...
The last animal we saw was this tiny spiny mouse! We raly love her spiny pelt...

This day was so nice! We love to see all the animals! We whish you a nice weekend!