Monday, March 22, 2010

Back in Asseman

Today i arrived in Asseman for second time!As Spring is coming step by step ,today is a rainy day in Tabriz., and every one in Iran is getting ready for Nowruz!
I had Abgoosht ( ) at Yasi's Grandma's house for lunch! As every house has HaftSin these days here's me in Grandma's Haftsin
...and here's Yasi's HaftSin,the coloured eggs were painted by Yasi & me!

Tomorrow i'll go on an journey with Yasi to Kashan,Kerman,Yazd and Tehran.We'll go via Yasi's family's car,a black Citroën Xantia.I'm so excited! I'll write from voyage soon! Now!getting ready to go!

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