Sunday, March 7, 2010

A sightseeing trip in Tabriz

first let me tell you smth about tabriz!!
it's an industrial city with about 2 mill. inhabitants!
the first settlements had been found from 3.6oo years ago!
the city is situated in NW of IR on the way to the turkish border!
it's the capital of province east-azerbaijan,
situated on an altitude of about 1.5oo m.
it has hot and dry summers and strong winters with a lot
of snow! (except this winter now.. when the whole snow
was falling only in europe - it seems......)

today we started our sightseeing tour in tabriz in the
azerbaijan museum!
the bazar of tabriz is the by far largest roofed bazar
in the world, and ppl here are very happy, as it's announced
to the tentative list of UNESCO and you can keep crossed
your fingers hopefully it will be registered as a world
heritage site asap!!!!
my host told me, that ppl are busy to prepare their new year!
and one of the items, nessesary for the celebrations is the
special mix of nuts for *tshaharshanbeh suri*! (you will hear
about later!!) yummieeeeeeeeee!!!!
wow - what they are selling in bazar side by side????!?!?!?
here you can see a special hand made soap, using for everything
- for hair as well as for clothes!!!!!
yummieeeeeeeeeeee again!! I found myself in the middle of
delicious dates!! the BAM dates are the most famous ones!!
another sign of new year is, when they start to sell the goldfishes!
ipuenktchen brought us to constitution house in tabriz.
there are some famous brothers from the olden times:
SATTARKHAN and BAGHERKHAN, who were the leaders of some
military guys who were busy to bring the rules to the ppl!
they had their meetups in the later called constitution
house, it's owner was mr. kouzekonon, who allowed the guys
to meet in his house!
puuuuh - how dangerous my place!!!!!!?!??!
after we got tired and went to relax to a nice
traditional restaurant which was a former HAMMAM!
(public bath)
hehe... how great and delicious - beside their meal
they had a large plate of fresh herbs!! yummie again!!

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