Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another trip to URMIA LAKE and KANDOVAN

then we entered oroumieh! 3o km far from the bridge.
there our guests had the idea to have a look at one
of the churches.. and lucky me, they had a ceremony
for half of Lent and the women of this parish were
preparing a dough for a kind of special bread!!
it was so nice to see them all working together!!!
and the bread - yummieeeeeeeeee!!! they let us try it!
doday we went straight to province West-azerbaijan,
where we first reached the lake urmia with its
peninsula islamic island!! in the olden times ppl
had to go around the lake to reach oroumieh, the
nowadays-capital! later they got a ferry, but
recently in nov. 2oo8 there was after the longlasting
construction of the bridge the opening ceremony for
only one lane! and when we were passing there now,
ipue was very surprised to see the second lane
nearly ready!!! in the middle of the two lanes
there will be later a lane for the railway, too!!!
the bridge is really an impressing building!!!!!!!!!

btw - the lake is very similar to the death sea!!!
the same salty - 32 %, nearly the same size, 1o times
larger than lake constance in DE!! but only 7 to 15 m
deep, and with about 2oo islands! a natural area
with flamingos and pelicans.. (the last shah had kept
this beautiful area for himself as his hunting place....)

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