Friday, September 28, 2012

Last day in Säkylä

Last day in Säkylä we made a hiking trip to the forrest. Sign says ‘luontopolku’, it means nature trail. There you can go Nordic walking.
We were picking up some mushrooms for Päivis pie. We like to be in forrest!
Last night at Noras. Finally we got to sauna. There was some freak in the corner, he enjoyed the warmth of sauna with us.
There were a farewell party for us.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last week in Säkylä...

Nora lives right next to the Säkyläs church and windmill.
It’s autumn in Finland. Still there are few warm days and we go to the beach sitting and enjoying the sun.
Noras friend Matilda owns a beautiful house and horse stables. We were invited there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We went to preschool in Säkylä

Wednesday we went to preschool. We spend there a hole day. Nora went to work, but Päivi take care of us.
First in the morning Nora told children who were are and where are we coming from and of course were we have travel. Nurses and kids were made a table. It tells us something about Finland, like water, forest and snow.
Near Säkylä is place called Naantali. It is a place were Moomin valley locates. Preschool had a mini-version of Moomin house. They welcome us warmly.
Kids have an art-lesson. They start to make water landscape and we can help them.. When we are ready we finally can go swim!
Daycontinued tooutdoor plays. Kids love to climb on everything. And… we love it too!
In the afternoon we are little bit dirty and ready to go home.
At home Nora put us in the bath.
It is harvesting time in Finland. Grapes were ready to pick up in Noras greenhouse.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our second week in Finland

Second week starts with a trip to Raisio. First we went to shopping and eating in the restaurant.
Noras friend has a beatysalong witch takes care of feets. Place is called Mirvas and we got a pedicyr there.
On our way back Säkylä we see a beautiful rainbow.
Sunday we make a trip to Porsaanharju. It is ridge with good views. Far away you can see lake Pyhäjärvi.
We found a  bear in a resting area and we take a ride with it!
Finnishendurochampionship race was in Säkylä. We went to see that. It was so cool! We sat on the tree in the best place and watch competitions.
AT home we were talking so much motorbikes that Nora thought we have to try it for ourselves. Noras friend Päivi found just perfect bikes for us. Ou jee, it was fun!
Afternoon we make again some gardening in Noras garden. There were mysterious construction, it looks like someone’s home. Maybea fairyore?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An other exciting day in Säkylä

Next day was a working day. The route to the work was so beautiful, sun was shining and we saw a small lake. We would like to go swim, but work was expecting and we had to go on.
Nora works as a dentist assistant. Shetook care of our teeth and we can do some small things ourselves.
In the evening was a dog training session. Today it was agility. It was fun, even though thewaterwas raining. Summer in Finland has been very rainy this year.
Säkylä is a small town by the lake Pyhäjärvi, in western Finland. We were watching the sun set by the lake and visit in nearest fields. Säkylä is rather flat place, so we can saw far away field after field. Nora told us that there is one high place, ridge called Porsaanharju.  We would like to do trip there too.
Friday was full of jobs. First at dental clinic and after that gardening and making apple jam. We went to bed so late that night and we were exhausted.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We have a smal party today!

In the first morning we were told that there is a small party for us and Noras dog.. Doghad completed successfuly spaniels huntingtest one day earlier. They take a picture of us together.
Rest of the day we spent at home with Inkeri. She make some pie and croissants with coffee. We sat on living room sofa and we discussedtraveling. Inkeri would like to travel in the future too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We arrive in Säkylä - Finland

 Our new home. Inkeri is welcoming us.
 Nora, our Host, told us, that we can live in Mices house because the owners are in vacation. There will be Miss Inkeri  living with us and taking care of us. Bedroom was so romantic, but after a long traveling it doesn’t matter. We sleep well.

Friday, September 14, 2012

On our last day in Sweden we were hiking and hunting for berries!

Today we were hiking and hunting for berries! Have a look what wonderful cranberries we found.
The woods next to Norrtälj! It is realy a wonderful place. It looks a bit like in a fairy tale.
We ar sitting on moos... It was a bit pricking!
Look what nice heather here grow.
We climb up a tree
And finde some chanterelle and blueberries.
That is our successfull capture!!!
It was a wonderful time in Sweden!!!

We hope to visit this country again!

Bye bye... Our nex trip will be in Finland again!! Jippi!

Finland we ar coming.