Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hans' and Paul's first days in Hannover

Hans and Paul arrived just in time for joining their host family on a trip to the "Schaumburger Land".
Together they visited a vacant homestead and got some impressions on german country life.
We like to thank Hans for his help in taking photographs of the old and weary barnyard and his helpful tips about restoration of heritage-protected buildings. Unfortunatley the budget of Hans an Paul is not big enough for creating a foundation. So everybody decided to leave and have a nice afternoon.
After all the whole day was going to be a lesson in "How german townfolk thinks yountry life should be". For that a short time later Hans and Paul found theirselfs on the brink of an "Erdbeerfeld für Selbstpflücker" which could be translated as 'an strawberryfield for gatherer'.
Explorers like Hans and Paul never hesitate and so they went 'in media res'. Hans got a little bellyache but recovered a short time later. Perhaps he had half a strawberry to much. But they were so delicious.
After a long day the finaly arrived at the flat of their host family and got a fabulous dinner with turkish pizza!

All together winded up the evening watching the champions league final. For Hans and Paul it felt like public viewing because of the incredible huge TV.