Monday, March 8, 2010

A trip to famous UNESCO sites

today we got up at 6 AM, taking breakfast
and got out at 7 AM to pick up the others
from their hotel, after via autobahn up to
marand, 7o km far from tabriz, to pick up
my old german friend monika! as usual she
was ready and we went ahead to one of the
famous unesco-site *armenian monastic ensemble
in iran* near jolfa, st. stephanos monastery!!

on this pic on the road beside the river ARAS
at left side you may see IR and on the right
side of it is rep. AZ situated!
here you can see finally the one part of the
*armenian monastic ensemble in iran*, registered
in 2oo8 as a world cultural heritage site -
st stephanos monastery!!! it's so beautiful
situated deep in the mountains!
ppl are going fishing from the river ARAS,
and the fishing from the aras dam belongs to
the national fishing company!
we passed some fishshops - woooow, I had never
seen such a fish.... CATWELS!!!!! about 5o kg!!!!
and to make ppl curious to buy some fish,
after getting the *fishmeat* out from his place
under the skin, they met the head and skin hanging
beside the road, so ppl could notice they are
selling fishes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?
and this looks like really a kind of art!
leaving province EAST-azerbaijan and entering province
WEST-azerbaijan, next we reached another part of the
a.m. UNESCO-site: qara kelissa or the so called black
church, st. thaddaeus monastery, which is the oldest
place of christian religion!!

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