Friday, December 23, 2011

Norwegian Christmas!

A typical norwegian christmasfirend
A new friend telling exciting stories...
In the Norwegian xmas tree
More new friends
Nice place to have a little rest
Some indoor climbing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We have been at school today with Margots daughter

First meeting with school
We are ready for a day at school in Stavanger
Another picture at the beginning of the school day.
Participating in the lesson...
We are watching a presentation
Having a little rest in the pencilbox
Lunchtime, studying the scool
The school is ready for christmas, beautiful star in the window...
Looking at the beautiful christmastree in the cantina
Booring lesson
Veryy veryy boooring lesson
When will this schoolday end???
Tired but happyabout the Day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The first days in Stavanger

Hi everyone we have been sitting a lot the two last days, really much work to do at Margots work, and the worst weather ever!
Margot work in a office at the hospital, Stavanger University Hospital, and we have helped her a lot.
Kind regards
Hans, Paul and Margot

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We arrived savely in Stavanger a big city in Norway!

Hi, there...

we arrived today, in a really bad weather, stormy and wet outside.

We were so hungry of the long travelling, so we opened the little bag of sweet bears! Sorry Margot!

Now we are tired... So we are resting now on top of Margots old Radio, which she used as a little kid listening to Radio Luxembourg. Margot had a lot of work to do tomorrow morning!

kind regards Hans, Paul and Margot

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A day of work with Monique

We got the possibility to go with our host to her work last week.
Just as we got there, the big truck had arrived to deliver our mail. We have to sort it all out and we and Thomas (my mail friend) had a great time in the sorting boxes.
At first they were empty, but as soon as the work was done, they got filled up again and no more room for playing.
Then they took a ride in the mail carrier, with tv guides. They have to be delivered too.
And when I get all my mail for the route that day, I'm on my way!
We and Thomas came along for the ride. But no pictures of how that looked, Monique had her hands full!

We had a great time, and a great trip getting home and arrived safely.

Monique and Thomas wish us lots of fun on the next trip!

Thank you Monique for being us a great host!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A nice sightseeingtour in Burgum only for us!

Our Home for the time in the Netherlands...
At first we went to the canal. My family goes there all the time, and our host had fond memories of that place. It's quiet, peacefull, wide views and the sound of water. Because it's fall, there are less tourists but in the summer the canal is crawling with sailingboats and little pleasure cruizers.
It was the ancient church in our village. It dates back to the late 12 century. It's still standing eventhough the original monestry has been broken down. The street is still called after it.
Hans and Paul just sat down, took in the view and relaxed in the sun. It was a true pleasure. (mail 2)
The view was excellent but it was time to go to the next location.
Our village has a lot of trees. Really. A lot. Most of them are standing for a long time, but lately an illness has been flattening the chesnuttrees. But those are quickly replaced. Around the church it is also very green. We took another break and sat down to take a long look at the church. In contrast to many countries, our churches are always closed. Except on Sunday for service. So we didn't see the great organ and the inside.
Next stop: the harbour.
The canal was dug in 1949-1951 and it has a little harbour for pleasure ships and sailboats. Larger ships can dock along the canal on several locations and on the other side of the canal ships are built! Real big ships.
When we turned around they saw an original harbour house. Again, a big tree.. And more water. The house was the residence of the director of the Cheese Factory. It's a rural community and all those cows make plenty of milk for making cheese. Our cheese was famous, but nowadays it's nowhere to be found. Helas.

The last stop was a "State" or in english, Estate. A large house with plenty of grounds to play, sit, enjoy and see bulbs in spring coming up. It's a very popular place for peoples wedding pictures. Later the fun can continue inside; there is a party room! Again, closed on regular days, so no peaking inside.

Tomorrow the last pictures will make. A friend of us will take us on a little tour around the mail-center where he work.
Then, we will get ready to go home again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We arrived savely in the Netherlands in the smal town Burgum

Hi guys,we arrived savely in the Netherlands in the smal town Burgum located in Friesland.
At the first day we visit the local Star Observatory of Burgum. Our hosts dad worked there.We are looking forward to the next experiences...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

We arrived savely in Stendal our hometown

This is our safe way of traveling...
We had warm elks with us!
Thank you Agneta for the good time in Sweden...
We hope to get a lot of traveling stickers on our travelingbox...

...and tomorrow morning we will leave Stendal again!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

And off we go!

Time to say good bye! We are on are way back home.
We had a great time in Västerås, Sweden and our hostfamily welcome us back:-)
They gave us a nice and cosy gift and it´s very swedish...
Hejdå och varmt välkomna igen:-)!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The last night in Sweden!

Of the record...
We had a little farewell party before we left our family.
We tried swedish snaps and Belgian warm beer with wiped cream on top, mmmm yummy;-)