Thursday, June 27, 2013

We met a local buissnes man

Today we are invited to our frind Johannes brother. He is owner of the industrialized building craft business Appel! He is one of the biggest fans of us snd so we drik some coffees together wit Johannes brother Ulrich.
We sit also next to Ulrichs mini van and make some photos.
It was so nice to meet Johannes family and there businesses.

If you want to know more visit ore like Johannes brothers industrialized building craft business at facebook

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The DRUMBIKE project

 Johannes brother Andreas is the shopkeeper of the bicycle shop pedalwerk. It is located in Baunatal Altenritte.
We have a look at all bicycles. Andreas sells a lot of e-bike, they help you to drive up a hill a bit easyer...
In the shop is a smal bicycle repair shop. Andreas and his team fix a lot of bicycles and put together a lot of new bicycle...
 It is realy interisting here. It makes fun to slip down the bicycle tire...
 Have a look, this bicycle helmet is to big for us but so importand if you are in the street! It could save your life.
Now we have to be quiet... The concert will start in the nex minuts... Johannes brother Andreas had the idea to invite the local musical school to make music with his bicycles. He want to make a connection between local business and local artists. Andreas found a advocate in Steffen Moddrow. Steffen was liking the idea to made some percussion and improvisational music with his students on bicycles. He said the idea was to gave the bicycles a voice and a soul!
Now we found two chairs so the show could start!
Have fun with the videos of this night!
 The first part was an improvisational music part with the howl artists.
After that a bicyle spokes starts to sing!
Have you ever listen to a fireworks without fireworks?!?
An the last part was a improvisational music percussion session!

The eavening was grate!!!

if you want visit pedalwerk on the internet at

Sunday, June 23, 2013

We take a coffee with friends

Today was a nice sunny day. So Johannes family invited us to take a coffee with tham.
There were nice self made cakes from Johannes mum. 
Johannes family follows us and our storry from the first day of our blog. So we are smal stars at there hme... And we visit Johannes family the first time

This afternoon we got an invitation to a concert in the bicycle shop from Johannes brother...
 The howl concert project sounds verry interesting, so we took our bicycle and set out for the bicycle shop,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The flood hits the Altmark

In the last weeks a big flood irrupt all countries next to the river Elbe.
A hard hited region is the Altmark were we are at home... In the western part of the Altmark next to the village Fischbeck a huge dike break happened. The dieke broke
about 100 meters length. Millions of liters water overflowed the countryside.
Here we are sitting on top of the city wall in Tangermünde. Behinde us the sea named river Elbe.
Here is the flooded harbor of Tangermünde.
Normaly it is possible to park cars and walk next to the dock. 
Here we ar on the step of a stairs which is ending an a lot of smelly Elbe water.
Here we are next to the city wall in Tangermünde. We want to walk a bit but the path was flooded.
Here is the Rossfurt a city gate net to the harbor in Tangermünde.
On the wall we are able to read off how the water was standing days befor we visit Tangermünde!

We are so happy that Stendal is save...

And we hope that the natural catastrophe comes to an end!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We are back in Stendal for a short stop

 We are back in Stendal for a short time. We brought some gifts with us with a lot of tipical sweets from Saxony.
Thank you Aline for these wonderfull days with you and your family...

Our next journey goes to Tangermünde the city next to Stendal who is in the area whitch was hited by the flood a huge natural catastrophe of the last weeks.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Now our time in Hartmannsdorf-Reichenau comes to an end. 
We say thank you for the nice time to Aline and Marko and whish tham all the best! 

We hope to travel save back home to Stendal

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Building Site

Finally we were allowed to help on the site.

First, we mixed together clay, sand, water and straw.
Next, we have built a mud hut to protect us from the storm and rain.
Then, our host mom showed us that one can also create small pieces of art with clay.
In the next picture you will see an entire wall with mosaic that was created with our help.

At the end of the day we made a picture with our host parents. Note the artwork on the wall...

Monday, June 10, 2013


As you may have already heard, there is a flood in many places near the big rivers.

So, we began to fill sandbags.
Nevertheless, the water continued to rise. Usually this is a small ditch that is only 1m wide.
Luckily, a boat was nearby...
…so we came through everything well. What remained was rubble and dirt.
We hope that the disaster is coming to an end very soon.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cooking School

Today we enjoyed the lawn full of dandelions in front of our door.
For many hours we filled our backpacks with dandelion flowers.
Then we had to sort out every piece of green leaves as they were not allowed to get into the pot. 
Our cooking effort was rewarded with some delicious dandelion jelly which we were allowed to eat alone. 
Being in the cooking mood we thought that we could give our host mom a helping hand in the kitchen. All the eggs from our chickens have brought us to the idea that we could make spicy eggs. First we had to cook lots of eggs. 
Then we have cut onions and boiled the broth. We had to put lots of things into the pot.
Then everything had to be filled in a really big glass. We could imagine how the eggs would then feel
Finally we were done. It was quite exhausting. Now we have to wait for a few days until we can taste the eggs.