Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A trip to Kerman

On sunday evening after going 7 hours with car we got to Kerman.I and Yasi were so tired but so Curios to see what's going outside!so we slept soon to get up at 8 the next day. The next day after a huge breakfast,we went to citycentre,Ganj Ali Khan Mosque,bath and Kerman Bazaar. The complex was built by Ganj Ali Khan who governed Kerman, Sistan and Kandahar provinces from 1596 to 1621 under Safavid Shah Abbas I. It consists of a school, caravanserai, mosque, baths, mint, cistern and shops.
After 2 hours we went to Vakil tea house to drink a tea.There was very busy and two men were singing traditional Iranian music! very nice!
Then it was turn to go to Ganj ali khan Bath! The Bath was built in 1631, are located on the southern side of Ganj-i Ali Square, off a section of Vakil Bazaar known as Bazar-i Ganj-i Ali Khan. It is composed of a disrobing room, cold room and hot room, all covered with domes carried on squinches.
The baths were converted into an ethnological museum in 1971. There we some wax statues which were designed at Tehran University's faculty of fine arts in 1973 and then transferred to this museum.
In front of Ganj ali khan bath is coin museum we went there too
WOW!A traditoinal dress exhibition
In Ganj ali khan square there are some Souvenir shops.One of kerman's souvenirs is Pateh which is swed by hand
It was 6 p.m that we went to see. An ancient ice house, called a yakhchal, built in Kerman, Iran, during the middle ages, for storing ice during summers.
A few minuted Later in Jabal-i-sang,,, This tomb is located on the flat arid lands outside Kerman.
After having a delicious peach ice cream we went to see a Zoroastrian fire temple!
Zoroastrian fire temple.

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