Friday, March 12, 2010

Bye for short time

Today in the afternoon my host asked me to write a postcard for my new host from our trip yesterday!
During these days of sightseeing trips I passed my free time in a nice *handbag-box* in ipuenktchen's hand bag. And I was so surprised when she made me ready to sleep in this box again, put some delicious famous sweets from esfahan beside me, my camera, hat, backpack and walking stick, too, added the postcard I had written, wrapped me with a beautiful tote bag, and then her students arrived!! And I was listening... in fact it was a postcrossing meeting - not a german language class! And there were participating IPUENKTCHEN - LILI_6789 and MISSLONDON!!!!!!!!! - how clever I am, to understand this!

And finally... rumpelpumpel.. somebody changed my place. I'm sooo curious what will happen next!

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