Friday, June 25, 2010

The next day in Taiwan

Today, it rained a lot! Since we have only been here in Taiwan for two days, especially it is "The Season of Plum Rain" (it usually happens around May, because there are abundant plums in eastern Asia. It is why they call this), it just kept raining until 5:30 pm!

Angel's co-worker, I (Hans) was dying to take a picture of him when he was working hard to working hard.

Wow! We also have desserts! Mango pudding with cream was great!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The first night and day in Taiwan

It was the last night of Angel's car-driving lesson, and the car was a manual transmission car. We had lots of fun sitting in the car because the speed remained at around 40 km per hour! That was super fast because the place wasn't specious! Tomorrow, is another big day of her - The car-driving road exam!
Just want to show how clear the sky was this morning!
Out new host, Angel, just came back from the exam. Fortunately, we were there witnessing the entire progress. Everything went really well, also, she got her license! After that, we walked back home, and took a few pictures. There are so many tall buildings in the neighborhood! We can not believe it, since skyscrapers are so rare in Germany! In Angel's neighborhood, we guess there are more than 7 buildings over 15 floors!
And we saw a McDonald's on the way home.
We were standing on the counter, at which Angel works now. It is the so-called "Convenience Store", which is very common in Taiwan.
He is our new friend (though he did not want to tell his English name plus he is shy), and is Angel's colleague! A very talkative guy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hans and Paul arrived in Taiwan

We just arrived in Taiwan when our new host came home from her written exam of car-dricing. She was fairly excited, taking us out of the box, then we sat down in front of her laptop and relaxed a bit.
Tomorrow, she will be taking the road exam! We hope everything goes well!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The last day in Stendal

We put all things in to the traveling box which are important. These include some Postcards from Stendal and Germany as a present for our host.
We said good by to Johannes.

Juped in to our box...
...and laid down.
Johannes closed the box.
But the next morning the sweet little baby want to said good by to us too.
Johannes packed the box in to paper.
Put the Adress and som sticker on the smal parcel and brought us to the Postoffice.
In the Postoffice the amicable Heidi Babel took delivery of us. She put nice stamps on the box and now we leave Germany. We are looking forwards to meet Angel Su in Taiwan.

We are glad that we travel by registered post this time.

So Taiwan and Asia we are coming...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer World Championship TV evening

TV evening lets go! The Soccer World Championship in South Africa 2010 had started already. But the German Team just started today! The challengerof the German Team is Australia.
A German beer would be great...
This is the German coach Jogi Löw
Miroslav Klose after the second Goal!
The poor coach from Autralia...
The 3:0 was from Thomas Müller the younges German footballer.
And the final fourth goal from Cacau.
The german fans made photos in the stadium in Durban!
The referee finished the game. Jippi! We won!

Here the goals again...
Podolski (8. min)
Klose (26. min)
Müller (68. min)
Cacau (70. min)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reunion with my best frind in a nice garden

Hey every one!
A sweet little girl brought me to a nice garden in Stendal. Johannes, the dad of the little girl, told me that there was a big surprise for me in the garden.
...what an interesting black parcel from Austria was laying in the gras!
I was so curious...
In the black parcel was this nice box with a lot of sticker on it. I love this box.
But the biggest surprise was in the BOX!
HANS! Can it be possible?
In this moment I knew nobody could ever separate us again. I will travel with you together and write this webblog together.
But bevor we start to travel together, the sweet little girl showed us the garden together with her dad.
Nice blue flower...
What a beautifull sort of a lily.
Wow what an amazing blossom!
We took a break at the edge of the compost. Behind us big pumpkin plants.
At the fence we found a yellow and red iris.Look at that delicious strawberries! In Stendal is strawberrytime at the moment!
We helped Johannes to collect the potato beetles. You have to kill them otherwise they eat the young potato plants.
Oh- have a look sugar peas are growing too in the garden.Finaly we found a plant of fate - a big four-leaved clover! That should bring us a lot of luck on our trip!

We think the next trip will bring us to Angel Su in Taiwan... We are nervous and joyfully on this event! Asia we are coming!

Hans return to Krems - Austria

Weeks later: Erlkönigstochter in Krems got a mysterious envelope...
Who's in there? Is it? Can it be?
Erlkönigstochter knows exactly where Paul is. So she brought Hans to the austrian post office and send him to Johannes where Paul is located... So that Paul and Hans meet themselves again.