Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baking Spinach Cake

Today was a very windy day in Tabriz.Yasi and i prefered to stay indoors. we wre a little bored,Yasi went to kitchen and i saw that she is mixing egg and sugar.She asked me to join her in baking a Spinach Cake! I totally enjoyed every part of baking,after an hour and half this was the result our
Persian new year,Nowruz is a head.Most of iranians are getting ready for 21th of March.They put Haft Sin table in their houses.Here is me with Sabzeh,one of Haft sin Table's items.

Tomorrow i'll be going to ipuenktchen house.Yasi invited me to come her house again. I am writing a Nowruz card for ipuenktchen,then i'm going to bed.

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