Monday, August 29, 2016

Our last day in Norway

 On Sunday we decided to have a calmer day, it was our last day with Pamela and Runar and we were invited to the birthday party of Eli, one of the friends of the guys.

In the birthday party we helped making the pasta salad and setting the table.

 The cake was delicious!! We wanted to eat more, but we had to share.
 We had to hide because Ajjo, the family dog, was trying to sniff us, and we got scared. But at the end we noticed he was very friendly and he only wanted to play.

 We went back to Pamela’s house and some local birds came to say hello, one of them is a Puffin and the other one an Oystercatcher, we thought that they had very interesting beaks!

 Pamela is actually from México, and she has a YouTube Channel about her life and experiences in Norway, and she made a video about us!! Here you can see us helping her with the edition of the video. She said the video will be ready next week!! (Her channel is Pame Koselig, Mexicana en Noruega)

Finally, it was time to say good bye, we had a very nice time here. In the picture you can see us packing our things, we decided to bring a small banana for the road because sometimes we can get very hungry when traveling. It is time for us to go to our next adventure!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

We visit the Ålesund Food and Beer Festival

 On Saturday, our second day at Pamela and Runar’s house, we went for a small walk around the village in the morning, this area of Norway is very nice and full of mountains.

In the afternoon we went to the main city, Ålesund to be part of the Food and Beer Festival, here you can see us waiting for the boat to go to the city.
Here we are sitting in some marmalade jars, this marmalade is made with local ingredients and it is orange with chili flavor.
 They also talked to us about the amount of food we waste every year, and about how we can help for this food not to be wasted. In this picture you can see it says that around 11.3 kg of fruit and vegetables get thrown away a year by one person only.

In between the Food and the Beer festival there was a small break and we decided to go to a park to rest. Here we are in a bright yellow bench we found, it was very nice
 At the Beer festival we talked with many different brewers and learnt about their creative process, and about the locally brewed beer industry in Norway.

Runar and Pamela tried some of the beer and… we are not going to lie, we tried some of the beer too heheheh It was very interesting to taste the different flavors and learn about the ingredients and the textures.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

We visit Haram Kommune, and a small village close to Ålesund in Norway

We arrived to the small village where Pamela and Runar live, it was a bit difficult to find the place because it was raining a lot, but we saw very nice gardens.

Pamela had a house ready for us, it is very big and painted in a lovely purple color, we took some pictures there and in the terrance.
The house has 3 floors and an attick, we felt very comfortable because we had a lot of space to relax.
Pamela let us the first floor to keep our bagage there, we unpacked everything and we liked to have a special place to keep our things.

Pamela also had a special room for us to sleep in, it was comfortable and cozy, and we had a lot of space to set our beds and take out our backpacks for a while, it is a great room to sleep and rest after the long trip.

Also we had some food and tea with one of Pamela’s friends.
 Today it was raining a lot, and we decided to stay inside during the afternoon, we enjoyed the views from thw windos, and made new friends with a deer.
During the night Pamela and Runar took us to a night walk, it was very windy and dark, but it was fantastic. We really enjoyed to see the reflections of the lights on the ocean and the mysterious feel of the village at night.