Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First postcrossing (mini)meeting in el goli

Today we had a tiny meetup with three tab-postcrossers!
and with some guests for sure: PAUL the BACKPACKER, POSSY & CROSSY
...and EMMA is so sad - we had forgotten to invite her! Poor emma... and so ipuenktchen took a photo from her as well...
Although it was great! In the meantime it was misslondon's b-day, and we congratulated her and gave her our gift. After we had a look at so many cards, as we hadn't seen each other quite a long time! Misslondon was so kind to prepare us a great makaroni salad, lili_6789 brought a very delicious chocolate as a dessert, and me, I add islamic beer without alcohol... And as the weather was great, a beautiful spring day, misslondon proposed to enter the terrace and so we did! We enjoyed it so much!! we never stopped to chat and it was so funny for us. Even we wrote some cards and for sure took some pics.
"Jaye OLDIEOMA khali kardim!" As we have a saying in farsi "your place was empty", when we are missing somebody, and so we remembered oldieoma's empty place! And she will be with us hopefully very soon and have a "Pfiff" with us!

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