Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another postcrossing day

in the morning it was a bit boring as we had nothing to do and so dear ipue proposed us to make a *postcrossing day*, to write cards to our dear friends, because she would like to go to the post office, and this is quite far and she doesn't go that often.....
*ooooooooh - good idea!!!!* we were shouting....
and she brought us two boxes with her cards from her country! boah - we really couldn't decide which one to use....
BUT WHO IST THIS???? ipuenktchen brought another guest and introduced to us!!!!!!! boah, how beautiful it is!!!?!? it's name is EMMA. and it comes from FINLAND!!!
whenever you had seen a finnish meetup, there were some of them!!! it's a custom of the finnish postcrossers whenever they had a guest from abroad they give one of it as a souvenir!!!!! and ipue had been in finnish meetups in fall 2oo9 and is now the owner of this beautiful one!!!! given by dear HUPPU68 in HELSINKI meetup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucky ipue!!!
like every time and everything the pencils were too big for us - well....... finally each of us was busy to write!! :-)))))))))))))) when finished each of us made it's signature on the other cards, too :-)
later she let us have a look in her treasure of stamps!! how beautiful!!!!!!! and she allowed us to choose the stamps for our cards by ourselves!!
after we got ready to go down town!! we went to a place nearby, jumped in the bus, changed the bus, later jumped into a taxi, and after an hour we arrived at the main post office!!!!!!!
and our cards are now on their way to.......... pssssst..!! SURPRIIIIISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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