Friday, April 16, 2010

A very special birthday card necessary!

Possy & Crossy and me, Paul, we were so happy, when ipuenktchen remembered to us, that the day after tomorrow is a special birthday! We were so surprised... Perhaps we'll be invited?!?

But for now we had to be busy writing a card!

Please don't think we'll upload it today! Honestly we wouldn't destroy the surprise - and so we promised each other, tomorrow we'll bring it to the post-office and the day after tomorrow we'll upload it here!
(the photos are taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *thumbup*)
It's MISSLONDON's birthday finally! She turned 17! And as I had been her guest and she was so kind to bring me to Kashan & Kerman I really liked it too much to write a nice card for her! I hope she'll enjoy it!?!


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