Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sizdah be dar

Pleas have a look here if you like to learn about iranian's new year and all the special things belong to:
and specially now:
Well, guys, me, PAUL, wasn't at ipuenktchen's at this date, but when back they showed me the pics and I was a bit jalous.. hehe....
when they came out at sizdah be dar the first thing they saw in the streets, was the very sad final happening to a former beautiful new-year-sabzeh! You had read about the customs, but ppl put it on their car and while driving it's falling down and the next car make it gone...
Then - boah - everywhere tents and people picknicking and kids playing - what a nice weather! What a beautiful *sizdah be dar* they had! And backside you can see the great new bridge in tabriz! I've seen it many times until now, and during the night it have a beautiful violet lightening...
Ipuenktchen & her husband and friends and POSSY & CROSSY passed the day in their garden 25 km outside from tabriz on the tehran-road beside the lake gurigol!
Here are my dear friends POSSY & CROSSY, ipue's travelling playmo-couple:
Here also everywhere around so crowed with ppl celebrating sizdah be dar! here you can see the fields in front of the garden.
So sizdah be dar is finished... And like a christmas tree you don't need anymore after christmas the sabzeh is the same... No need anymore...
And guys - btw - CROSSY told me, where he had been during new year holidays!!! imagine he had been in *B*A*K*U*, capital of rep. azerbaijan, together with ipue's friends! lucky him!

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