Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I had a dream... ♫♪

When I got up in the morning sitting with dear ipue
at the breakfast I told her my dream I had last night.
while talking to her, her eyes became like plates.....
because in my dream I went together with yashila_81 and
his mountain-hiking buddies by bus to islamic island
and we entered the mountains and in the highest place
there was an old castle, *holakukhan castle*. it was so
impressing, I told her, but the greatest thing was the view!!
Do you remember from a former posting and a trip to urmia
lake recently, crossing the new bridge over the lake ahead
to urumieh?!?!!

And exactly this bridge and the whole lake we had in front
of us, far, but so nice to see!!!!!!! and when I told this
to ipuenktchen she was soooooooo surprised and perplexed!!
as it was just the same story yashila_81 told to her when
back from his mountain hiking!!!!?!?!?!! so I couldn't be
with them but although I had been with them in my dream!!!

Lucky me - and here is the pic:

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