Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chatting and chatting and chatting...

Yesterday I saw in ipue's house so many things got prepared.. and she told me, it was her turn for the monthly gathering of her former collegues.. she had worked in a company which is producing motors for busses and camions for ten years and since the olden times they have their monthly gathering.. mostly in their sixties, but gosh.. it was soooo noisy.. how much women are able to chat........ boaaaahhhhh....
never ending... and poor husband of ipue.. wasn't allowed to come in and got hidden downstairs..
LOL... - the women arrived up from 4 PM and left 9 PM!!!!!
and believe it - how many sweets and cakes and nuts and fruits they were eating and again and again tea and one time even ipue served a coffee for them!
CROSSY and POSSY and me, PAUL, were sitting hidden in a corner, only eating some nuts, we could bring here by my basket, absolutely quiet, so nobody could understand, here are TWO MEN participating in the ladies gathering....!

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