Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today we visited the Old Town (tenth part)

 This is the house of Brotherhood of Black Heads. You can read more on the sign. The oldest document that is found to tell us about black heads is from 28th march 1400.
  It is brotherhood that connected single merchants and ship owners. They were tightly connected to church too. That brotherhood was unique - it's only in Estonia and Latvia in Europe.
This is the house of Canute Guild. It is first time mentioned on 1326. At the beginning it was spiritual brotherhood but later it joined the best handcrafts men. Mostly from Germany.
 There were jewelers, gloves makers, watchmakers, hat makers, bakers, painters. It was closed on 1920. As you see Estonia have been important through the history because of it's location - it connects many places through land and sea, so it was very good for exchanging goods.
 The reason why there have been many wars in Estonia. It has been under Germany, Russia and Sweden power. History tells us that when the country was under Sweden, it was "good old sweden time".

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