Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today we visited the Old Town (fourth part)

Like we said before, the Old Town is surrounded with city wall, this is another part of it, wright across the Toompea castle (government house). And as you can see - there's an opportunity to try the bows, would be great to try that. There is Old Town's days in June every year where people wear old clothes and dance and sing and there are many, many more events. And there are also a middle age days. Would be awesome to travel back in time just wearing old clothes and taking part of it.
And these are the roads - no asphalt! All is made of stones.
 So this is a view from one scenic view place.
 It's the Old Town inside. See the matching roofs? Awesome.
 And so many churches. And we are going to discover all of it!

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