Friday, November 23, 2012

Last day in Tallinn - we are preparing our journey back home

 This is a handmade soap with seasalt and mint. This things, and we mean naturald things, are becoming more and more popular in Estonia. This is just one example. Behind us is Lotte, Estonian very own kids cartoon character. It is very popular, kids really like it. There are even mugs, phones and many other accessorises wiyh Lotte. It's even translated to other languages.
 We are in chocolate sandwich! They have they'r very own chocolate factory. Yummy! We take some of it with us.
 Beside the chocolate they make candies and cakes too. There is little cafe in old town called Maiasmokk/Sweettooth where you can buy some delicious sweets. The chocolates and candies are in every shop in Estonia, so don't worry if you don't make it there. There is also some shops in malls.
 And this is a story of our hostess. We met her at There is hint on the picture - she likes to knit, mostly kid's socks. If you are intrested more take a look to facebook soojad jalad/warm feet. Handcraft has become more and more populat in Estonia. And not just knitting - everything handmade is very precious. We have yarn shops, bead shops (mainly web shops) and shop that sells things from what you can make your oen candles and creams. That art was forgotten some time ago (not for all people afcourse) but has now risen from ashes.
We met a nice estonian lady who wears theyr national costume. It's not the only one, it depends of the location. She was kind enought to keep us company on our way back. Intresting thing about estonian women - since they are so beautifyl, men around the world are looking for them, from USA, india and so on. Some ladies our hostess knows are married to foreign man, most of them moved away from Estonia. So this was Tallinn, Estonia. There is also a zoo and botanical garden and other nice places in Tallinn, but we leave it for the next time. Acually, if we visit Estonia again some day, we should visit country side , there is lot to see: lakes, swamps, forrests, plants who are eating insects, witch well (yes you read it cirrectly), wild animals, national museums how the life was a long time ago and so on.

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