Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outside of old town

And finally we are leaving from Old Town. This is the square park, still nice an green.
 This is typical woodplank house in town. It is restored, one of the oldest one in Tallinn (but not the oldest one). This kind of houses in typical in other towns in Estonia too, but not in country side. In countryes the typical houses were made of the tree-trunk, they were massive. With small windows and doors, the oldest ones had floor made of dirt. And the ceilings were very low. Roofs were made from the straws (thached roof).
And this is typical slum street, i does look better now than it did a century ago or more. One book is coming from these streets, it's called Vutimehed. Kassisaba poisid/Football guys. Cattail boys (free translation). It talkes about poor estonian families through boys life, It took place when there was German in lead, so they had some conflicts with them. The name cattail is the region name in Tallinn, near to Old Town.
So finally one more picture of the church, you saw the towers on so many pictures before. So this is a Kaarli Church. There is only 2 churches in Estonia that has two towers, this is one of them. The other one is not in Tallinn. And it looks very very pretty when sunset is "landing" on it.

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