Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello Wellington!

We arrived in Wellington, New Zealand today, and we were very happy to get out of our travel case and have a look around.  Our host family were so excited to meet us both, and to find out a bit about where we live in Germany. 
This is the view from our house. We sat on the windowsill, where we could see Wellington harbour, rail yards, the sports stadium and even a cruise ship. 
As you can imagine, travelling so far was exhausting.  One of the children here made us some sleeping bags, and we were happy to try them out and have a nap while our family went shopping. 

After we woke up refreshed, we went for a walk with the family to the playground.  On the way we saw a familiar crest on the front of the German Embassy!  Home isn't so far away after all.
It was wonderful to sit in the sunshine and breathe the clean fresh air in New Zealand.  Hans was in a playful mood and had fun climbing in a tree.
It is spring here, and the bees are buzzing in the flowers.  Great big fuzzy bumble bees! Gardens are beautiful at this time of year with blooms of roses everywhere.
Once we got home, we sat for a while watching the harbour in the late afternoon sun.  We can't wait to explore Wellington!