Monday, November 19, 2012

Today we visited the Old Town (fourteenth part)

 So we are going to take a closer looks now. We love the inside peek! It's almost like going back in time! 
 We rally wish we could see how did it all look when it was it's "time". As you can see there is hole in the wall where we can enter. These towers look really old, wish we could look inside.
On of the old classical movies has party being filmed in old town. It's called Viimne reliikvia/Last relic. A medieval love story with lots of adventures.
 The times are troubled - there's a revolt of peasants going on. To secure its safety a monastery chases for a relics of a holy Brigitte. A nobleman promises to get it if he gets beautiful Agnes as a reward. But she fells in love with a handsome adventurer.
 The monastery has to act shrewd now and play double game. The movie is still the best achievement of the Estonian cinema. Based on a novel.

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