Monday, November 12, 2012

Today we visited the Old Town (seventh part)

And this is famous Raekoja plats. It use to be the middle point of the city, where everything happened, ceremonies, executions, festivals, weddings. Now there are festivals, concerts, markets (when there are festivals in town). It's also the when lot of streets start. And that's the place where every year is the christmas tree. The firs time was 1441 y.
 And this is raekoda/town hall. The building starten on 13th century and it was finished 1404 y. Government worked there until 1970, and even now it's used as the city hall, museum and a party place. And going to tower - it's a hard job! It is very high and stairs are high and narrow.
 One example of the restaurants that really have that old aura. Take a look of the letter in the name, the wagon, signs.
 Perfect example of old house. See the plank up there? There was a rope, that was tied to goods bags and then pulled up to the door you see in the middle. The door has been preserved very good, looks nice and old.

 These are typical streets in old town. Colorful houses, white frames.

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