Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcom Bob!

This morning we write a message on a paper because we didn't want to wait anymore!
In the afternoon we went to the mailbox to look for the post.
"Jippy! We've got mail!"
 Paul wants to know more! "It is a letter from Norway!"
Together we looked in to the envelope. How beautiful the stamps in Norway are!
 Inside the envelope was our frind the purple hammerhead Bob and two postcards.
"Welcom Bob!" Together we hugged Bob!
Such beautiful postcards were in the envelope together with Bob.

 "Bob you are such a frindly and such fluffy hammerhead!"
Bob asked us if he could wear our hats.
For sure we allowed him this! 
Bob also wants to be a real backpacker. So he wear also our backpacks!

Nex days we will show you our lovely homtown!

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  1. Cute pictures! I like how they are opening mailbox and envelope :)