Saturday, February 15, 2014

Visit at the Zoo

Today we made a day trip to the zoo in Magdeburg 60 km far away from our hometown Stendal!
This is the general map of the zoo...

 This mini tortoises are hatched in August 2013.
This is the elephant enclosure! On the enclosure living tow elephants from India.
 The whole elephant enclosure looks a bit shabby.
 But the elephants have a lot of space
 On the 12th of February 2014 a new giraffe calf was born. But this is not the calf. This is the proud father and the older giraffesister...
 The giraffe calf was shielded of all the curious visitors in a seperate compound.
 Here is the giraffe calf! He has no name at the moment...
 In an other compound we saw a big lion!
 Here is the lion mother...
 and the young lions cub! They are from last year.
 At the next vivarium we meet a lot of African penguins! We love how they walk.
 Paul decided to feel like a real penguin,
 Look that is an creativ african insect hotel.
 In the ape house we meet a realy old lady! She is 29 years old!

 And look how sweet this monkey was!

 Yummy salad for lunch!
 This animal looks a bit like a wolpertinger!
 We realy love this Anodorhynchus! There are such beautiful birds

 The three tapirs were so relaxed
 That we get holiday feelings!
 That is realy an ugly toad!
 We also found some more aras
 This dholes were so activ! They feel the coming spring...
The last animal we saw was this tiny spiny mouse! We raly love her spiny pelt...

This day was so nice! We love to see all the animals! We whish you a nice weekend!

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