Monday, February 3, 2014

The palace of Versailles -last part-

Did you like visiting the Palace of Versailles with us?  It is so amazing with all its marbles and gold!
Versailles is well known too for its gardens... But in winter they don't look as nice as in summer... Most of the statues are covered to be protected from ice over, and they look like ghosts... Most of the groves are closed and we can't see their fountains... and this year, the main fountain behind the castle is going under a full renovation and all the tubes have been removed...
But we can imagine how it could be in summer.
After the visit of the inside, we stop to picnic on a bench... With such a beautiful decor of the Ornemental Pools or Water Parterres
 Each of the 2 pools are decorated with reclining statues symbolising the rivers of France.
 Those pools are faced to the Hall of Mirrors.
Next stage of the gardens is Latone Ornemental Lake. Its fountain is being actually renovating and has been totally removed...
From there, we have a view to the Royal Pathway to the Great Canal.
On each side are the different bosquets with various decors and fountains. 
 This is the Colonnade bosquet and next is the Encelade bosquet.
 Across the bosquets are a lot of paths and it can be like a labyrinthe. See us? We were looking for the good direction... Right, left? Where can we find a plan?
 Just before the Grand Canal is the Appolo Ornemental Lake.
 We went back to the castle... have a look at the Swiss Lake and the Orangery.
It was time to go back at home before having too many traffic jams... 
We really enjoyed the visit... We've seen a few castles this week but this one is really awesome!

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