Sunday, February 2, 2014

The palace of Versailles -second part-

Next part of our visit...
When we are in this room, the War Salon, we are just before the most known picture of the Versailles castle... Do you guess what we are talking about? There are some clues, look carefully!
See the mirrors... Yes, we are in the HALL OF MIRRORS!
Do you see Nadia in the mirror?
The painting of the ceiling are figuring Louis XIV and some of his great achievements.
Waouh! It's really amazing!
Adjacent to the Hall of Mirrors is the King's bedroomchamber. It is faced to the Marble Cour and to the rising sun.

We next visit the Queen's appartments with her bedchamber.
We went along others rooms with many paintings... Mainly the Battles Gallery and a corridor with lots of statues.
 We didn't visit others appartments which are only with a guide.
The visit of the inside palace is finished... But there are the outside to see!
Next and last part is coming tomorrow...

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