Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last weekend in Gas

It was our last weekend within Nadia's family in Gas, France and we had some time with Laëticia, the youngest daughter of Nadia.
She showed us her "collège", this is where 12-15y old are going to school (after it is "lycée" where her sister Chloé is in Chartres)...It is a small one with 500 students coming from the various villages around. It is located in Gallardon.
She explains some facts she is proud of.The particularity of the collège is it's got a seismic station for educational vocation. They sometimes register seisms from over the world.... and a few weeks ago they'd got a glider in the playground! In fact the oldest students can pass the first level of aviation patent associated with the gliders club near...
And guess what? Just in front of it, at our feet is flowing Louis XIV's canal... Do you remember our first visit? 
Oh! Is there blue sky? Yes! It was waiting for our last days...
Gallardon is a small town with some medieval houses, a beautiful church with a really high pointed steeple and the ruin of a old tower from its medieval castle (the only vestige), both are showing from far... Nadia is  wondering how the tower is still up and Laeticia had studied it: the wall is more than 4 meters thick, and the rest of the castle was destroyed in 1421, quite 600 years that this tower is watching over the village and was never destroyed... Strangth! It is called the "Shoulder of Gallardon".
Nadia's husband is taking train to Paris in Epernon, another town with medieval houses, wine presses and an old church with a beautiful inside. Laeticia explained that she'd got the possibility to visit the vault where there are an ossuary and a sort of mummified person, it was the vault of the "lord" of the place... She said it was really frightened... We are totally agreeing!
Far from castles, Royalty and others strange stories we've met those last days, Nadia has a hobby: gardening... Because there was a lot of wind last night, she needed to check her garden... Last time, the tempest had broken a fence. This time nothing... But she was surprised to see some flowers are already growing... And we made stock of parsley.
Sunday it was a great day, the Chandeleur... This day we eat "crèpes", sort of fine and large pancakes... sweet or savory versions!
The old tradition says that if you are able to make jump a "crèpe" and it turns in the air before it comes back in your frying pan, all with one hand and a gold coin in the other hand, then you will be rich all the year to come.

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