Sunday, June 28, 2015

We met a camel and the funny bird ostrich

We've been to Friguia Park today! This is a zoo with african animals. 
We've seen a lot of animals but most impressing was this one!
It is called ostrich and supposed to be a bird
Although its not able to fly
But it made hilarious sounds and was very interested in us (I think it thought we were something eatable ;-))
We were lucky to find a huge feather and Caro allowed us to bring it with us, when going home to Johannes :-)
And look which fellow we met, aswell
As camles (or dromedars) are veeery common in tunisia, we asked caro, if we can ride one...
And see what we did!
 We will bring our own camel back home :-)
In the evening, back at the hotel, there was a huge suprise! Our chambermaid put flowers allover the bed, look how beautiful they are!

To finish the day, we played pool with Caro and Daniel

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