Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We helped Caro a bit

 Our first two days with Caro, the new host, are narly over, friday we are going to fly to tunesia!
Yesterday and today, we went to work with Caro... She works as a social worker and is not allowed to bring forreigners to her clients, thats why we had to wait in the car, a lot...
But yesterday night we helped to prepare a presentation...
 And today we had a nice lunchbreak in a park in Uetersen
We even climed on a huuuge Mountain!
Aaaand, most important...
We got to know two new friends
One of them is a bit ill at the moment, thats why she is wearing a ruff.. 
Caro said that we might go on awalk tomorrow to see the village she is living in... But she had to pack her luggage first!

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