Monday, June 15, 2015

Swimming at the pool

 Today was another lazy day. Luckily the hotel seems to be quite empty so we made an excursion through our hotel and neighbourhood… 
This is us in front of the hotel. We are now friends with one of the porters, who really seems to like us (but was too shy to join us in the picture…)
 “Thalasso” means something with water, which might be the reason for the huge amount of fountains in and around our hotel…
 Some of them are filled with salty warm water!
We found a huge pineapple! And climbed on it… (which was a bit dangerous…) Later that day Caro told us, that it wasn’t a pineapple but a palm tree
 After the climbing exercises we took a break at the pool. Caro didn’t allow us to go swimming because we didn’t bring bathing suits… but when she didn’t pay attention, we jumped into the water ;) it was lovely!

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