Friday, June 12, 2015

Our trip to Tunisia

Today was a travel-day! We went to hamburg airport by train... Here we are waiting for the train to come: 
At the airport everything was veeery crowded and chaotic. The self-check-in-terminals didn't work, so we had to stand in line a while... We guarded all the luggage while Daniel had to smoke... 
Finally, we checked in the bags and went to see the airplanes!
 This looks exactly like the one, we flew with.
The flight lasts 3 hours... It was very boring and we were hapy to finally reach Envida Airport, where we had a short break in the sun.... Tunesia is really hot!
 There was a bus picking us up and taking us to the hotel. And finally, after aprox. 9 hours we reached Hammamet.  Our hotel is impressing and looks really nice. We started to feel like holiday by enjoying a tubesian beer on the balkony :-)

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