Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We visit Carthago

Today was excursion-day! Caro and Daniel took us to Carthago. We went there by bus which wasn’t really interesting because you don’t see much of the country except the highway… but when we reached our destination, it was awesome!
As we told you before Carthago nowadays is a suburb of tunis, the Tunisian capital… Originally it was the center of the ancient Carthaginian civilisation but it was totally destroyed by the romans in 202 BC. Caesar build a new city on the same place which soon became an important location for the Romans in Africa… Nearly everything you can see today was therefore build during the roman period…
We visited the “Les thermes d’Antonin” which was a Roman bath or thermae… but enough of explaining, here are our pictures:
 Here we are siting on an ancient column
 In the back you see one of the hallways...
  The big stone in the back used to be a wall, more than 2000 years ago
Another column
 And another one...
This is us sitting on a roman bench 
 And here you can see a piece of the romans sanitation...
After that we went to the Museum of Karthago. From its Forecourt we had a wonderful view above tunis! (it was veery windy sotaking pictures was kind of a near-death-experience ;) ) 
In this picture you were supposed to see the harbour of tunis... (well obviously you can't)
But during the carthagian area, the harbour had the form of a circle...
 Inside the museum we went to see very old mosaics... Those in the picture are more than 2000 years old!
 After this educational trip, we took a break... :-)

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