Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ice carving Festival

 There is an ice carving festival going on in Edmonton this week. We were very excited to see all the sculptures!
 Oh no! The weather has been warm the last few days, and many of the sculptures have melted and fallen apart.
 We found a few pieces still standing.
 Or partially standing. This one was made by a team from New Zealand.
 Ha ha! It's true. The sculptures have gone back to nature.
 A pirate skull and crossbones
 This was a very cold bench! Maybe we should have grabbed one of the scarves off that tree!
 There were 6 ice slides for both kids and adults. We would have needed snow pants to keep warm while sliding.
 It was +2°C today. Even though that's warm for this time of year, we were happy to rest by the fire for a bit.
 There were other ways for the adults to keep warm, but the Grog Stop was closed during the daytime.
 An ice tractor
 An ice cannon
 This dancer was from the novice category. We think it would be fun for us to try making an ice sculpture.
 Hey, that's not an ice igloo! During the evening there are events held in here for kids.
 In the igloo, kids can learn how to carve ice into figures like this owl.
 We love our adventures in Canada so far. But we are starting to get homesick for Germany. It will be time to go home soon.


  1. I think it would be so much fun to go to an ice carving festival. It looks like you had a great time!