Saturday, January 17, 2015

Second day at the optician

What?  I need eyeglasses.  Hans thinks this is very funny.  We took a look at the glasses in Myra's clinic.  Perhaps I should get this blue pair.
 Or maybe these glasses...they are made of wood!
These glasses are very interesting.  They  have wood inlays on the top.  But all the glasses are too big for me!
Myra showed us the smallest pair of glasses in the clinic, and they are still too big for me.  I guess I will have to wait until I get back to Germany to get some glasses.
So, Myra and her coworkers showed us how eyeglasses are made.  This is a lensmeter that measures the prescription in the eyeglass lenses.
Whoa! This is a prescription lens that has not yet been edged to a frame shape.  I had to help Hans pick it up.
That's better!
Myra showed us a few examples of lens blanks.  The higher the prescription for nearsightedness, the thicker the lenses are along the edges.
Myra's coworker Nicola let me help her make a pair of eyeglasses.  First we put a chuck in the middle of the lens to hold the lens in the edger.
Next we traced the shape of the lens in the new eyeglass frame.
Then we placed the lens inside the edger which uses a grinding stone to make the lens match the tracing we did.
There is the lens after the very noisy edging process.
And there is the lens after I have cleaned off all the leftover debris.  Now it is ready to go into the frame.
These are just some of the tools that are needed to adjust and repair eyeglasses.  Those screwdrivers are as tall as me!
Hans and I had a lot of fun at Myra's workplace.  If only she had snow goggles that fit us properly...

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