Sunday, January 4, 2015

A day at tiny land

  "Paul, what are we doing waiting here?" "Myra says she has something fun planned Hans."
 It's a train ride! Our host got us tickets to ride the Northern Alberta Railway.
 Northern Alberta Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway used to be vital in moving people and goods across Western Canada. Here we are traveling with very important goods for Myra's work.
 After the train ride, we explored the local scenery.
 Grain elevators like this used to be a common sight across the Canadian Prairies. Farmers would sell their grain to the wheat pool for storage and distribution. Modern grain elevators are made of steel and concrete.
 We wanted to skate with our new friends, but we forgot our skates back home in Germany!
So we watched the skaters and took care of their very friendly dogs.
We climbed up the hill and tobogganed back down a few times.
 Hans found a Volkswagon Beetle that he wanted to drive.
 Paul preferred the convertible even though it is -24.0°C right now!
 We even found an old gas station to fill up our cars.
 A couple of nice strangers showed us where to find the general store, so we bought supplies for hot chocolate. It is so cold outside!
And we spent the afternoon with the nice skaters that we met. We drank hot chocolate at their home and shared stories about Canada and Germany.

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